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SR Tommie is the founder and President of Redline Media Group, a full

service marketing and advertising agency she set into motion 15 years ago.
Her passion for Native American art and many years of collecting led her
to the creation of Chupco Indian Art Gallery, which opened its doors in
2002 as a Native American Art Gallery specializing in handmade, one-of-
a-kind pieces, crafted exclusively by Native American artists. Prior to creating her own
business, Tommie worked over 26 years for the Seminole Tribe of Florida in various governmental and
executive capacities.

Tommie's dedication to her tribe has made her a prominent and well-respected leader in the community.

Being raised in a matriarchal society, Tommie (Bird Clan) has embraced the unconquered spirit of the

strong Seminole women that had to overcome tremendous challenges just to survive and exist in the

Native and non-Native world. These teachings have opened her eyes to an immense understanding and

appreciation for all people, of all cultures. Tommie exemplifies the spirit of courage and perseverance,

and is an inspiration for Native Americans worldwide through her personal and professional

accomplishments.  AGENDA

 8:30 -            9:00 Registration/Breakfast
 9:00 -
 9:00 -            2:00 “Tuna Tank”© Pitches for Potential Funding

10:25 -           10:15 Panel - “Tips For Success”
11:40 -
12:30 -                      Marketing – Sales – Operations – Finance - Employee/Contractor

 1:30 -           11:40 Panel - “How I Made My 1st Million”
 2:30 -
                  12:30 Lunch (network with vendors & speakers)

                   1:30 Keynote Speaker – SR Tommie
                            Founder/CEO Redline Media Group
                            Council Member Seminole Indian Tribe

                   2:30 Panel – “Grants & Loans for Small Businesses”

                   3:30 Reception/Networking
                            Distribution of Envelops from “Tuna Tank”©

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