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Jeannette Rankin Foundation For Low Income Women
A non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for, and awarding grants to, low income women, ages 35 and older. Each
grant recipient has a vision of how a college education will benefit herself, her family, and her community. Most recipients are
in truly meager financial circumstances and may have other hardships or disabilities.
Grant Amount: Varies
More Info: OPEN 11/01/2016 for 2017 - 2018

The Levi Strauss Foundation (LSF) seeks to alleviate poverty on behalf of women and youth in communities around
the world where our employees and our contractors’ employees live and work.
Focus areas include:
- Building assets
- Preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS
- Worker’s Rights
Grant Range: $250 to $458,667
More Info:        OPEN

Limited Foundation
Limited Brands is committed to being a responsible member of the global community. They support the organizations that
reflect the values and concerns of our associates and our customers. In specific, they've targeted programs that are respon-
sive to the needs of women, children, education and our communities.
Grant Amount: Varies
More Info: OPEN

Mott Foundation
The Mott Foundation has three grant making objectives: To strengthen education for democratic participation, to support
women’s participation in government and nongovernmental organizations, To strengthen the effectiveness of the nonprofit
Grant Amount: Varies


MS. Foundation for Women The Ms. Foundation for Women has been creating opportunities for women and girls for 30
years. We know that when we invest in women and girls, helping them develop their voices and skills, everyone benefits—
men, boys, families, and communities.
Grant Amount: Varies
More Info:       OPEN

National Physical Science Consortium Fellowships For Women
NPSC offers a unique graduate fellowship in the physical sciences and related engineering fields. It is underrepresented mi-
norities and women.
Grant Amount: Varies

More Info: Due: 12/09/2017

NOW Foundation This foundation is a non- profit organization that is devoted to furthering women’s rights through educa-
tion and litigation. They are affiliated with the National Organization for Women – the largest organization for women’s rights.
Grant Amount: Varies
More Info:

Open Meadows Foundation
This foundation is a grant-making organization for projects that are led by and benefit women and girls. Open Meadows
Foundation funds projects that do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age or

Grant Amount: Up to $2,000 Proposal are reviewed in two cycles 2 Deadlines - 2/17 & 8/17

More Info:

The PepsiCo Foundation
The Foundation aims to:
- Advance the knowledge about how to encourage healthy lifestyles and effect positive behavior change
- Support education and community organizations which advance opportunities in undergraduate/graduate education, women
and minority owned businesses and workplace equality
- Advance the knowledge and methods of water resource management which are sustainable and impact quantity and quality
of water supply in developing nations
- Support organizations and research initiatives which help to address issues critical to the betterment of society

Grant Range: under $10,000 to over $100,000 OPEN

More Info:
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